August 10, 2014

Heikki Kylliäinen, Satumökkipiha/Fairytale Cottage Garden

the site as seen from the street

Savitaipale is a small community of some 3800 inhabitants in the South Karelia area in southern Finland.

It has a special art environment: a fairytale cottage garden, created by Heikki Kylliäinen, who had a job in a local factory producing prefab concrete and in 1992 was declared unfit because of a back injury.

this picture and the next ones 
courtesy of Raija Kallioinen

The large garden around his house nowadays has of a collection of various wooden cottages, some rather small, others with three floors and with balconies, all singlehandedly constructed by Kylliäinen in the course of the years.

All cottages have been abundantly decorated with colorful items, often made from recycled materials,

These items, may represent birds, flowers, horses or stars and in general are arranged in rhytmic patterns.

Other embellishments made by Kylliäinen have the form of garlands and mobiles.

A special variety of mobiles, in generally made from straw and used to decorate the interior of houses, especially at Christmas time, in Finnish is called himmeli.

So Kylliäinen's art environment is also announced as Himmelitaivas, as in Pirtola's video (see documentation).

Trees in a row that limit the garden, are connected with these colorful creations.   

Heikki Kylliäinen in relation with art environments

In 2015 the Kokkola ITE-museum (outsider art museum) in Finland had an exposition about some Finnish outsider artists who abundantly decorated their home, among whom Heikki Kylliäinen The picture below shows how he was featured.

picture by Minna Haveri

* Video by Erkki Pirtola (14'43", uploaded nov 2012, Youtube)_

Heiiki Kylliäinen
Savitaipale, Finland

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