November 25, 2014

Salvatore Trombatore & Caterina Greco, Casa delle conchiglie/Shell decorated house

front of the house as seen from the street (around 2009)
Scoglitti, a village on the south-east coast of Sicily, Italy, is a small fishing town, that has become an important touristic resort.

The internet has a lot of referrals to touristic items, but -according to my experience- it has just one link to an outsider environment that can be seen in the village.

This art environment, a shell decorated house, a casa delle conchiglie in Italian, has been created by Salvatore Trombatore and his wife Caterina Greco, about whom no biographic data are available.

detail (top front)

The exterior of their (summer) house near the Costa Fenicia has been fully covered with shells the couple collected on nearby beaches. It took them three years to complete this decoration, but then, in 2011 when interviewed for the article listed in the documentation, they had also begun decorating the interior walls, the lighting ornaments and who knows what else......

The exterior decorations have a quite color scheme with simple patterns, that display human figures, sea animals and geometric motives.

The documentation about this site, published in 2011, isn't available anymore.

Salvatore Trombatore and Caterina Greco
Casa delle conchiglie
Via Veneto
Scoglitti (Ragusa), Sicily Italy
can be seen from the street

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