November 11, 2014

Sixth anniversary of this blog

Bonjour aux promeneurs, Hello walkers
picture of Chatelain's sculpture 
courtesy of Marcello 13 (Flickr)

On november 11, 2008, I entered the blogosphere by publishing the first entry of a blog I entitled Outsider Environments Europe. 

So today this blog has its sixth anniversary and as in previous years, I will relate here some data (as of november 10) from the weblog statistics as provided the blog's "behind the scenes".

Number of visitors

On november 10, 2013 the all time number of page views was 209550. on november 10, 2014 it was 312596, an increase of 103046 last year, or on the average 282 visitors a day.

All time pageviews by country

As in previous years here is the all time rank of top ten countries as regards page views:

  1.  United States 64076 (rank 2013: idem)
  2   Netherlands 43570 (rank 2013: idem)
  3.  France 38016 (rank 2013: idem)
  4.  United Kingdom 24220 (rank 2013: idem)
  5.  Germany 18828 (rank 2013: idem)
  6.  Italy 9548 (rank 2013 idem)
  7.  Ukraine 8854 (rank 2013: not in top ten)
  8.  Spain 8158 (rank 2013: 7th)
  9.  Russia 6134 (rank 2013: 9th)
10. Poland 3777 (rank 2013: 8th)

It's interesting to see the stability in the top: the first six places are taken by the same six countries, even in the same order.

Spain, Russia and Poland in 2013 already were among the top ten. Belgium has left the top ten and Ukraine entered it.

I appreciate the growing interest from Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Most viewed sites all time

  1. Robert Garcet, Tour Eben-Ezer 3671
  2. Robert Tatin, Musée 3557
  3. Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, Palais 3432
  4. Bodan Litnianski, Jardin 3152
  5. Chomo, Preludian art 2668
  6. Adolphe-Julien (Abbé) Fouré, Rochers sculptés 2581
  7. Karl Junker, Junkerhaus 2580
  8. Josep Pujiula i Vila, Labyrinth 2512
  9. Willem van Genk, Bus station 2466
10. Yves Floc'h, Girouettes 2426

Although this year I used a different set of data (i.e. the number of times a specific entry has been viewed, updates included), the list shows a rather stable cohort of top sites, formed by Garcet (from Belgium), Tatin, Cheval, Litnianski, Chomo, Abbé Fouré, Floc'h (all from France) and van Genk (Netherlands).

Pujiula (Spain) and Junker (Germany) entered and Mercier left the top ten.

Other creators of sites that rank high in terms of number of times viewed are: Robert Vasseur (2335), Ensio Tuppurainen (1987), Elis Sinistö (1908),  Oreste Fernando Nannetti (1864), Viktor IV (1804), Euclide da Costa (1647),  Raymond Isidore (Picassiette) (1581), Bonaria Manca (1495) and Manfred Gnädinger (1439).


  1. Un très heureux anniversaire à ce blog fabuleux !
    Merci pour ce beau travail !
    Sophie (des Grigris)

  2. Great Blog! Very much thanks for the last 6 years!
    Falk Keuten, Bonn, Germany