April 07, 2017

José Miguel Padrón Morales, Sculpture garden

photographs courtesy of Julia Sisi

Ferro (or El Hierro) with its 270 km² and its around 10.500 inhabitants is a small island in the south-west of the Canary Archipelago, a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that belongs to Spain.

Although small, El Hierro can boast its own art environment, which can be considered as the south-westernmost site of Europe.

This is about a sculpture garden which is still in the making, created by José Miguel Padron Moralés (born in 1962).

José Miguel Padron is the owner of a tavern in Aguadara, a hamlet located in the northern mountain area of El Hierro, some 7 km west of the town of Valverde, the capital of the island.

The type of tavern he runs is locally also referred to as guachince.

In his free time Padron is engaged as an outsider artist, making characteristic sculptures from sheet metal, which he welds from discarded parts.

Before he began operating the guachince José Miguel worked at a quarry and here he finds the components of his sculptures.

 He creates man-sized sculptures which depict two-legged animals resembling birds, dragons or ostriches, but just as well four-legged life-size insects and other characteristic creatures.

They are lined up on the grounds of the tavern and the visitors of the tavern eat no bite less because of these neighbors, on the contrary, the meals get all the praise of the visitors.


* Up to now the only information on the internet about this site is an album on Facebook by Julia Sisi

José Miguel Padrón Morales
Sculpture garden
38916 Carretera Casas del Monte 8B
Aguadara, Ferro (El Hierro), Canary Islands, Spain
sculptures can be seen from the road
streetview (2012)

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