6. Expositions

This page has an overview of temporary art expositions in Europe which payed attention to creators of outsider environments. Since an art environment as such is not transportable, it cannot be exhibited in a museum. So, in the expositions listed below in general one will see photo's and video's of environments, maybe supplemented with some transportable items from these sites.

Because weblinks to temporary exhibitions are usually also temporary in nature, such referrals mostly could  not be activated in this overview. Some museums have a list of past exhibitions on their website.

Lausanne, Switzerland
Collection de l'art brut
La seconde vie d'Armand Schulthess
15/10 - 12/12
exhibition about the Swiss creator of an art environment, who died in 1972

Chartres, France
Musée des beaux arts
Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire
photo's of the sites of Picassiette, Irial Vets, Camille Vidal, Fernand Chatelain, monsieur G, Marcel Landreau
(this expo later has been in Rennes, France and in Lausanne, Switzerland)

Paris, France
Musée de l´art moderne de la ville de Paris
Les singuliers de l´art:  des inspirés aux habitants paysagistes
19/1 - 5/3
historic exposition, curated by Alain Bourbonnais, Michel Ragon and Suzanne Pagé, introducing art brut artists to the general public and (for the first time in such a setting) paying attention to creators of art environments, this part of the expo arranged with advice by Bernard Lassus (who also coined the expression habitants-paysagistes)

Lausanne, Switzerland
Collection de l'art brut
Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire
7/11 - 21/1/79
photographs (of mainly french sites) by Claude and Clovis Prévost

Laval, France
Les musées de Laval
Les bricoleurs de l'imaginaire, inventoire pour une région
30/6 - 15/9
photographs of sites in northern France by Francis David (b 1950); the catalogue, edited by the museum has 57 pages. 

Budapest, Hungary
Zichi Castle (Vasarely Museum)
Fából vaskarika, Mindennapi kreativitás (Outsider art, everyday creativity)
29/5 - 19/9
exhibition of Finnish and Hungarian self-taught artists, among whom Finnish creators of art environments like Hevonkoski, Kinnunen, Koivumäki, Oja, Setälä and Vanhanen

Gent, Belgium
dr Guislain Museum
Verborgen werelden (Hidden worlds)
25/3 - 4/9
exhibition of some outsider artists, among whom creator of an outsider environment Gerard van Lankveld

Helsinki, Finland
Kiasma, Museum of contemporary art
In another world
14/5 - 21/8
first major Finnish exhibition of outsider art from Finland and other european countries, a breakthrough, introducing outsider art and artists to the general public, also paying attention to various Finnish creators of environments, like Enni Id, Ensio Tuppurainen, Johannes Setälä, Ilmari Salminen, Martti Hömppi and Alpo Koivumäki

Paris, France
Halle Saint Pierre
Esprit de la Forêt (Spirit of the forest)
20/3 - 27/8
photo's by Mario del Curto of various outsider artists, among whom Finnish creators of environments Martti Hömppi and Aune Kinnunen

Berlin, Germany
Schloss Neuhardenberg
Kunst is etwas anderes (Art is something else)
curated by Werner Jeker and Mario del Curto
1/4 - 24/6
photo's by Mario del Curto of various outsider artists; inside and in the garden sculptures by Finnish creator of an outsider environment Alpo Koivumäki 
(the photographs have also been published in a book with the same title as the exhibition)

Paris, France
Halle Saint Pierre
British Outsider Art
curated by Julia Elmore
24/3 - 14/8
first major exploration of British outsider artists, among whom Ben Wilson

Göteborg, Sweden
Göteborg Kunstmuseet
Annan Konst (Other art)
curated by Staffan Backlund and Borghild Häkansson (Postfuturistic Society)
14/3 - 31/5
introducing many Nordic outsider artists, among whom creators of environments Jan-Erik Svennberg, Alpo Koivumäki, Helmer Jarl and Veijo Rönkkönen
the exposition has traveled through Nordic countries:
Arendal, Norway (Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, 27/6 -6/9) and
Vaasa, Finland (Österbottens Museum, 23/1 - 21/3

Kemzeke, Belgium
Verbeke Foundation
Backyard Genius
curated by Collectie de Stadshof and dr Guislain Museum
2/5- 15/11
outsider artists about technics and architectonic space, among whom makers of environments Gerard van Lankveld and Markus Meurer

Melun, France
Espace de Saint-Jean
Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire (Builders of the imaginary)
10/4 - 10/7
featuring the work of photographers, filmmakers and authors Claude and Clovis Prévost

Espoo, Finland
Gallen-Kallela Museum
ITE - Kalavalainen mielenmaisema (ITE - a kalavala mindscape)
curated by Tuula Karjalainen
10/9 - jan 2011
interpretation of the Kalevala by contemporary Finnish folk artists, among whom makers of environments Martti HömppiAlpo KoivumäkiJohannes SetälaVeijo Rönkkönen and Tapio Autio 

Lille, France
Lille Art Museum
Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire (Builders of the imaginary)
20/9 - 30/1/2011
photographs and items from French art environments in a contribution of the museum's art brut department to the first exhibition after the museum had been closed for years because of enlargement of the buildings

Frankfurt am Main
Schirn Kunsthalle
Weltenwandler. Die Kunst der Outsider
24/9 - 9/1/2011
various outsider artists, among whom Karl Junker and his Junkerhaus

Lausanne, Switzerland
Collection d´Art Brut
Nannetti  `Colonel Astral`
13/5 - 30/10
exposition dedicated to Oreste Fernando Nannetti (1927-1994)

Turin, Italy
Galerie Rizomi Art Brut
Liguria Brut
15/11 - 15/1/2012
exhibition of some Ligurian outsider artists, among whom makers of environments Mario Andreoli and Marcello Cammi

Paimpont, France
Les forges de Paimpont
La vie et l'oeuvre de l'Abbé Fouré (Life and works of abbot Fouré)
11/2 - 11/3
continued in Saint Coulomb near St Malo (8/4 - 30/6)

Paris, France
Halle Sant Pierre
Banditi dell' Arte
curated by Gustavo Giacosa and Martine Lusardy
first major exploration of Italian outsider artists, among whom makers of environments Mario Andreoli, Marcello Cammi, Luigi Lineri and Maurizio Becherini
23/3 - 6/1/2013

Palermo, Italy
Galleria X3 (on another location)
Il Cavaliere de Maregrosso
curated by Claudia Moscone
photo's (made in 1989) by Alberto Ferrero of Giovanni Cammarata's decorated house and garden
18/4 - 12/5

Lausanne, Switzerland
Collection de l'Art Brut
Centennial of the Palais Idéal, the fantastic dream palace by Facteur Cheval
photo's by Michel Guillemot
4/9 - 30/9

Rome, Italy
Costruttori di Babele
curated by Roberta Trapani (with contributions by Rosella Faraglia and Dominque Queloz)
photo's of creations of Giovanni Cammarata (by Alberto Ferrero), Luigi Lineri (by Rodolfo Hernandez) and Bonaria Manca (by Salvatore Bongiorno)
30/9 - 14/10

Brussels, Belgium
Art) & (Marges museum
Robert Garcet, penseur (Robert Garcet, philosopher)
on the occasion that Garcet, who constructed the Eben-Ezer tower, in 2012 was born hundred years ago
25/10 - 27/1/2013

Villefranche sur Saone France
Salle des Echevins
Exposition Guy Brunet
in the context of a filmfestival this is the first exposition where the cardboard figures of outsider artist/filmmaker Guy Brunet are exhibited
1/10 - 11/11

Torino (Turin), Italy
Rizomi Art Brut Gallery
Folk Babel: Da Costruttori di Babele alla Black Folk Art
works of Mr Imagination, Charlie Lucas, Kevin Sampson and Lonny Holley (Biennale Venezia 2011), combined with the photo's of Cammarata, Lineri and Manca as exposed earlier in Rome (see 2012, Rome, Costruttori di Babele)
8/2 - 2/3

Brest, France
Musée des beaux-arts
l'Abbé Fouré et Per Jain (in the study library of the museum)
Gilles Ehrmann (in the art library of the museum)
on the occasion of a manifestation in Brest entitled l'art brut à l'ouest
6/4 - 29/6

Hauterives, France
Palais Idéal
Open air exposition with panels highlighting art brut artists and outsider art environments
the part dealing with environments features Nek Chand, Sabato Rodia, Veijo Rönkkönen, Josep Pujiula i Vila, Joseph-Ferdinand Cheval, Raymond Isidore, Adolphe-Julien Fouré, Chomo, Fernand Chatelain, Marcel Dhièvre, Jean Linard and Robert Tatin
10/5 - 31/10

Neuvy-les-deux-clochers, France
Cathédrale de Jean Linard
Costruttori di Babele, bâtisseurs Italiens d'univers insolites
reprise of the expo in Rome 2012 (Cammarata, Lineri, Manca), added with Italians who migrated to France, such as Luigi Buffo and Joseph Donadello 
13/7 - 30/9 (not in august)\

San José, California, USA
Thompson Art Gallery
Singular Spaces
on the occasion of the publication of Jo Farb Hernandez' book about Spanish art environments
1/10 - 1/11

Cremona, Italy
MAI Museo
Armand Schulthess
first exhibition in this newly opened museum (closed in 2015 because of financial problems)
13/12 - 31/1/2014

Béthune, France
Musée d'Ethnologie Régionale
Infiniment Jean Smilowski
18/1 - 8/6

Liege, Belgium
Chapelle Saint-Roch
OMG (Oh My God)
on religious factors looming behind the work of creators of art environments, organized by MAD Musée, with postcards from Jean-Michel Chesné's collection and photographs by Mario del Curto
15/3 - 25/5

Bolzano, Italy
Pinacoteca Nationale de Bologna
Metamorfosi d'Eroe
with works by Bonaria Manca and Angelo Stagnaro
10/5 - 10/6

Maria Gugging, Austria
Museum Gugging
Julius Klingebiel, Cell.
exposition about the work of Julius Klingebiel, who as an inmate of a closed psychiatric ward decorated the walls of his cell (with a life-size replica of the room)
(previously also in Göttingen (2013) and Berlin (2014), Germany)

Dicy, France
La Fabuloserie
Des jardins imaginaires au jardin habité: des créateurs au fil des saisons. Hommage à Caroline Bourbonnais (From the imaginary gardens to the inhabited garden: creators throughout the seasons. Tribute to Caroline Bourbonnais)   
the exposition gives an impression of the artworks acquired by the Fabuloserie museum, mainly during the period Caroline Bourbonnais was its director (1989-2014), whereby with regard to art environments important aspects are the rebuilding of Pierre Avazard's Merry-go-round and the acquisition of works from sites that meanwhile have disappeared, such as those created by Jules Damloup, Marcel Landreau, François Portrat and Jean-Pierre Schetz.   
15/4 - 1/11

Kokkola, Finland
ITE Museum 
Voi sitä näinkin elää! ITE-interiöörejä   (Woe to such a living! ITE interiors) 
about the decorated interiors of Finish outsider artists Enni Id (Padasjoki), HeikkiKylliäinen (Savitaipale), Elena Maaskola (Helsinki), Petri Martikainen (Perniö) and Ilmari Salminen (Petäjävesi)
21/5 - 18/10
click here to see pictures of the expo

Lausanne, Switzerland
Collection d'Art Brut
Guy Brunet réalisateur - les studios paravision
exposition about the work of outsider artist/filmmaker Guy Brunet
5/6 - 4/10

Rothéneuf, France
Terminus du Val
L'Art Brut* en Bretagne (* et apparentés) (Art brut* in Brittany {*and related})
exposition about the work of Abbé Fouré and related outsider artists, among whom creators of art environments Yvette and Pierre Darcel, Jean Grard and Alexis le Breton

Lausanne, Switzerland
Collection d´Art Brut
* exposition with works from the museum's collection on the theme "constructions"; outdoors a number of panels documenting some art environments from Europe and the USA
on SPACES website a report about a conference (march 2016) at the occasion of the expo, with introductions by Jo Farb Hernandez, Roberta Trapani and Arduino Cantáflora
13/11/2015 -17/4/2016

Tours, France
Chateau de Tours
Faites un rêve avec Chomo !
exposition about Chomo's artistic development, his character, his various artistic activitities and the campaign of the association of friends to protect Chomo's creation The Refuge
5/12/2015 - 14/2/2016

Moscow, Russia
Museum of Naive Art
Жив опять, привет, друзья! (Alive again, hello friends!)
exposition in memory of Bukashkin (Yevnegny M. Malakhin (1938-2005), non-conformist artist in Yekaterinburg, who embellished the city with a variety of murals
opened 27/10/2016  

Prague, Czech Republic
Italian Institute for Culture
Světy outsiderů (The world of outsiders)
an exhibition of photographs by Pavel Konečný of Italian outsiders, among whom creators of art environments such as Bonaria Manca, Mario Andreoli, Guiseppe Toselli, Felicu Fadda, Fiorenzo Pilia, Filipo Bentivegna, Pietro Moschini, Domenico Brizi, Angelo Stagnaro and Gerilamo Ricci
19/1/2017 - 28/2/2017

Kerlaz, Brittany, France
Sociocultural center Ti An Ilis
Les sculptures de Pierre Jaïn. Une encyclopédie sauvage (Pierre Jaïn's sculptures. A wild encyclopedia).
exposition at the occasion that self-taught sculptor and creator of an art environment Pierre Jaïn died fifty years ago
12/7 - 23/7/2017

Brussels, Belgium
Musée Art et Marges
exposition about Guy Brunet. who creates films at his home in Viviez, France, where he lives amidst a large collection of cardboard silhouettes of movie stars he has manufactured himself
9/2 - 10/6/2018  

Kyiv, Ukraine
Pinchuk Art Centre
exposition  "A place of one's own" about the place of women in Ukrainian art, with Polina Rayko among the presented artists
30/10 - 6/1/2019

Sala, Sweden
Aguéli Museet
exposition of artwork (paintings and models of mosques) made by Jan-Erik Svennberg 

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