October 19, 2010

Ruth Lander Ericsson, Decorated wall

picture (march 2009) newspaper 
Dalarnas Tidningar (Lars Tunbjörk)

Above picture, from a swedish newspaper, shows a garden which has a stone wall in the background..

This wall was constrcuted single-handedly by Ruth Lander Ericsson (? - 2006), from Hornddal, Aventa, Sweden, who worked in agriculture and was a nurse.

It has a lenght of some twenty meters, is just over half a meter high and is one meter wide. And it also has been fully decorated with sculptures, flowers, impersonations of animals and small pyramids.  Glass elements, incorporated into the wall, reflect in the sunlight. 

It took Ruth Lander some seven years to complete this project.

She died some years ago. The house is family property and as far as I know this decorated wall is still extant


* The Nordic exposition Annan Konst (2009/2010) has paid attention to Ruth Lander's creation.. 

Ruth Lander Ericsson
Horndal, Aventa, Sweden
no public visits

first published oct 2010, revised jan 2016

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