November 11, 2022

Fourteenth anniversary of this blog

picture of a sculpture by Fernand Châtelain
courtesy of Marcello 13 (Flickr)

Bonjour aux promeneurs, Hello walkers,

With above picture of a sculpture by Fernand Châtelain this blog started on November 11th, 2008. 

Existing today, November 11th, 2022, for fourteen years, it now includes reviews of some 590 art environments in Europe made by non-professionals.

As in previous years I will relate here data about numbers/origin of visitors and about most viewed art environments.

Number of visitors

On November 10th, 2022 the all time number of visitors was 1,141.432. On November 10th, 2021 it was 890.062, so there is an increase of 157.562 visitors, or on the average 421 visitors a day. 

Over the period 2020-2021 the average was 257 visitors a day, so the number of daily visitors has increased. This increase has also continued in the past year, because the number of visitors over the past thirty days has been 15.468, so 515 a day.

All time page views by country

As in previous years here is the (extensive) all time rank of countries as regards page-views (as on November 10)
  1. United States 330.000
  2. France 178.000
  3. Netherlands 103.000
  4. United Kingdom 79.400
  5. Germany 73.600
  6. Italy 38.600
  7. Russia 38.000
  8. Ukraine 24.100
  9. Spain 19,600
  10. Canada 11.300
  11. Sweden 10.900
  12. Belgium 7.740
  13. Poland 7.110
  14. Japan 4.530
  15. Unknown 3.760
  16. Finland 3.480
  17. Indonesia 3.140
  18. Hong Kong 1.650
  19. Ireland 1.400
  20. Other 203.000
Most viewed sites all time
    1. Bill and Elisabeth Charge, England, Watford shell garden, 6494
    2. Robert Garcet, Belgium, Eben-Ezer Tower, 6334
    3. Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, France, Palais Idéal, 6081
    4. Jose Maria Garrido, Spain, El Museo del Mar, 5079
    5. Robert Tatin, France, Maison des champs, 4734
    6. Roy McCormack, England, Beach flint sculpture garden, 4675
    7. Bodan Litnianski, France, Garden of shells, 4599
    8. Oreste Fernando Nannetti, Italy, Graffiti, 4535
    9. Chomo, France, Préludian art, 4494
  10. Polina Rayko, Ukraine, Decorated House, 4456

Up to and including no. 7 the above list is the same as in 2021. Nannetti is now in 8th place, at number 9 is Chomo.

On the 10th place is Polina Rayko (1928-2004 from Ukraine. Her decorated house is located in a village on the east side of the Dnjepr River, near the large town of Cherson, which in the war of Russia against Ukraine on March 2022 was taken by Russia, but recently has been abandoned by the Russian army. For the time being there are no reports about the situation of this art environment.

Next an overview of places 11 to 20:

  11. Karl Junker, Germany, Junker's House, 4361
  12. Gustav Nagel, Germany, Paradise Garden, 4313
  13. John and Jo Mew, England, Braylsham Castle, 4213
  14. Abbé Fouré, France, Sculpted rocks, 4230
  15. José Garcia Martin, Canaries, Spain, Sculpture garden, 4203
  16. Joseph Pujiula i Vila, Spain, Labyrinth, 4139
  17, Francisco González Grajera, Spain, Decorated house, 4000
  18. Julius Klingebiel, Germany, Decorated room, 3917
  19. Stephen Wright, England, House of dreams museum, 3962
  20. Erich Bödeker, Germany, Sculpture garden, 3774

New in this overview are Gustav Nagel, as well as John and Jo Mew. Their joining means that Willem van Genk and Picassiette got a somewhat lower place.

Considering the countries that appear in the top twenty, we see that mainly those from Western Europe are represented (France 5x, Germany, England and Spain 4x each, Belgium 1x and Italy also 1x). This year is the first time that an Eastern European country (Ukraine) has entered the top twenty. 

Part of the explanation for the difference between Eastern and Western Europe is that this blog did not focus on Eastern Europe and Russia from the start, but only did so after some years, in 2014.The fact that the phenomenon of art environments is not yet as well known in those countries as it is in Western Europe may also be a factor.

Striking in the list of the first twenty most visited sites is that France and Germany attract an almost similar number of visitors, although the number of art environments in the weblog differs considerably (France 210 sites in the index by country, Germany 13 sites).

So below is an overview of the ten most visited sites in Eastern Europe and Russia:

Russia (number of visitors +1000)

   1.  Alexander Emelyanov, Decorated garden, 2794
   2. Alexander Ladogina, Church, 2103
   3. Sergey Kirillov, Decorated house, 2171
   4. Lyudmila Kneller, Mosaic decorations, 2000
   5. Yevgeny Malakhin (artist name Bukashkin), Paint the garbage, 1820
   6. Petr Zhurilenko, Sculpture garden1735
   7. Ivan Pisarenko, Replicas of Kremlin classics, 1532
   8. Egor Utrobin, Sculpture garden, 1482
   9. Collective of conscripts, Scattered sculptures, 1395
 10. Alexander Alekseeva, The old park in Kabardinka, 1255

Compared to the list from a year ago, there are some changes. The number of visitors of the post about Lyudmila Kneller's art environment quickly rose and resulted in the fourth place. And newcomers are the articles on the sites of Ivan Pisarenko and Alexander Alekseeva, which were added to this weblog in January 2022 and July 2022 respectively.

To conclude, here are data about the East-European countries Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine (number of visitors +1500)

Czech Republic
  1. František Rint, Ossuary, 3074
  2. Vàclav Levy, Rock sculptures, 2890
  3. Anežka Kašpárková and Marie Jagošová, Decorated chapel, 1839
  4, Vojtech Kopic, Sculpted rocks,,1710
  2. Martin Sabaka, Replicas of famous buildings, 1601

  1. Bogdan ZiętekInterior with sculptures2638
  2. Felicja Curylova, Decorated house, 1825
  3. Boguslawa Iwanowskiego, Sculpture garden, 1812
  4. Henryk Sawko, Stone park, 1504
  5. Krystyna and Eugeniusz Msciwojewscy, Garden with wooden sculptures, 1502

1. Polina Rayko, Decorated house, 4456 
2. Stanislav Sartsevich, Sculpture garden, 2218
3. Nicholas Golovan, Decorated house, 2222
4. Vladimir Chaika, Decorated stairwell, 1677

Another year is approaching. Who knows what further discoveries can be made in the field where people with no artistic training, but with a lot of passion and stamina, make creations that embellish their habitat.

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